She Has A Name is an organization established and sustained by Veritas Community Church that is committed to anti-human trafficking efforts. The organization helps engage the faith community to help survivors, and to see survivors restored emotionally and financially in their communities. She Has A Name began in 2011 as a community of Christ followers burdened for victims of human trafficking. Members of Veritas Community Church created the ministry to help fund Christ-centered anti-human trafficking efforts by selling t-shirts. Over the next few years, She Has A Name became a vessel for money and awareness to flow to the abolitionist community, strengthening it and funding vital services.

You can help by donating, buying a t-shirt, organizing an event, interning (through the Ohio State College of Social Work), training under their gospel-led program to help fight sex trafficking, or – as their website requests – by praying for an end to sex trafficking and healing for survivors.