Chicktime is a national organization that encourages women to pursue their passions, provides a place for mothers and daughters to serve and play together, and raises awareness for local women and children’s charities. One woman leads a Chicktime workshop each month by identifying her gift and turning it into an activity for the women and children in her local chapter. By exposing our daughters to an array of gifts and talents, they can begin to identify their own. Chicktime believes that “the presence of God is felt when Chicktime groups meet.”

You can participate in Chicktime Anywhere through the NICU Lovles movement – by sewing hearts for mothers and babies in the NICU.

Columbus does not currently have a Chicktime chapter, but anyone can change that! Please visit if you are interested in starting a chapter. You can also leave a comment below to indicate your interest in this program; this might make a prospective Chicktime Columbus leader more likely to take the leap!