• In their list of 2015’s Most and Least Educated Cities, WalletHub ranked the Columbus metropolitan area 36th (out of the largest 150 metro areas in the nation).
  • I also found a 2013 Dropout Tracking Report about Ohio’s schools; according to the report, “Columbus City Schools had the lowest dropout rate among the six urban districts in 2010 at 2.2%” (p 10).
  • However, Franklin County “accounts for over 33% of the traditional public school dropouts in the Central Region” of Ohio (p 18).
  • The report provided some interesting data about dropouts by economic status, disability status, and race (p 24-25), but unfortunately did not provide data concerning the rate of dropout of boys vs. girls.

The report claims multiple times that more data is needed, and I hope that future versions of the report might examine the dropout rate of our girls. A 2.2% dropout rate (compared to 7% nationally) is quite good, but there is always room for improvement!