aims to connect women with resources in our community. We’re the fifteenth largest city in the United States and the 28th largest metropolitan area; there are nearly 600,000 women in Franklin County (according to the U.S. Census.) We need a place to connect with community resources and with one another; right now, top search results for “Columbus women” are for dating websites! I intend to provide links to community organizations, news articles, videos, and other content relevant to women in Central Ohio.

This content will include business, for women entering the workforce; health with information about women’s health, including maternal mortality; education for information about educating our Columbus girls; sexuality for information on media sexualization of girls, family planning, and women’s sex lives; abuse, with information about sexual, physical, and emotional/verbal abuse (including sex trafficking and prostitution), and information on how to give or receive help; and other topics TBA.

Background information

This website was started by a University student for a class titled “Working for Women and Gender Inequality,” and designed to help fulfill service learning hours. This website content would not be possible without the University of Illinois Springfield online program, or the book Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn – an excellent resource to familiarize yourself with global issues that women face.

Outlook /Planned Developments

  • Articles by guest writers (all guest writers must be women living in Central Ohio)
  • Forum for Columbus Women to discuss women’s issues (depending on popularity)
  • Monthly meetup for Columbus Women to discuss women’s issues (depending on popularity)

If you’re interested in any of these features, please comment below so that I know you’re out there!


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